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Last Blockbuster Video hosting a sleepover on Airbnb

Posted at 6:35 PM, Aug 11, 2020

Nostalgia lovers can kindly rewind to a time when Blockbuster Video reigned supreme.

On Tuesday, the once defunct Blockbuster Video Twitter account came out of a six-year hibernation to announce that the last remaining Blockbuster in Oregon can be rented through Airbnb.

The store will be split into three units, with each one selling for $4 per night, but the catch is it’s only open to residents of Deschutes County, Oregon, where the final Blockbuster Video remains.

Blockbuster will provide snacks, soft drinks and pizza with the units. The units will also have access to a huge collection of Blockbuster’s stock.

The units are available for up to four people, but can only be rented for one night per family.

Following three nights of stays, the Oregon Blockbuster will allow visitors to see the units during regular business hours for a limited time.

The Bend, Oregon, Blockbuster became the final location open of the mega video rental chain in 2018 after a pair of Alaska locations closed. The Oregon location has said to have become somewhat of a tourist attraction as a relic of 90s culture.