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Las Vegas homeowner removes noose after postal worker voices concern

Posted at 2:35 AM, Mar 30, 2018

A Las Vegas postal worker says her bosses haven't done enough to address her concerns about a noose hanging in front of a house on her route.

Nicole Brown says the home is on a route that she delivers to once a week, and after noticing the noose she stopped delivering to the home.

"The first day I saw it, I immediately let the supervisor know," Brown said. "I told her I felt threatened for my safety because you never know."

Brown said when she delivered on the route she just skipped the street altogether because the home was the only one there. Then the homeowner called the office asking where the mail was.

That's when she became concerned.

"If you want to put racist stuff on your property, okay fine, that is whatever," Brown said.  "Anybody that is delivering shouldn't be subjected to that."

Brown said she eventually sat down with her supervisor and union representatives to address the issue.

The U.S. Postal Service released a statement when contacted about Brown's concerns.

“Contrary to the information you shared, the issue has been addressed with our employee and an agreeable solution was reached.   Several weeks ago, local U.S. Postal Service management met with the mail carrier and her union representatives to review her concerns.  The parties agreed to an adjustment to her once-a-week assignment that alleviated her concerns and does not impact service to the customer.”
David Rupert
USPS Nevada Spokesman

Brown said that solution involves her handing the homes mail off to another carrier to deliver which she feels only pushes the problem into the future.

"We don't want to keep causing this problem," Brown said.

As for the homeowner, he said the post office never told him the reason for the delayed mail deliveries. He says they noticed their grocery ads were several days late and reached out.

When the concerns about the noose were relayed, the homeowner expressed sorrow saying it has been hung on the post for more than 20 years without complaint.

He said it is part of the western theme on the property featuring an old wooden wagon and other structures.

A day later, the homeowner went out and removed the noose, leaving a message saying he hopes it alleviates Brown and other's concern.