Kay Jewelers accused of exchanging real diamonds with fakes

Kay Jewelers accused of exchanging real diamonds with fakes
Posted at 2:51 PM, Nov 16, 2016

Customers are continuing to complain that nationwide jewelry retailer Kay Jewelers is swapping real gems for replicas when repairing or replacing items.

Following the launching of a Facebook page over the summer that dealt with customer complaints, another report surfaced this week on KPRC-TV in Houston that customers were not getting what they paid for. 

KPRC-TV reported that Sophie Long had to have her ring replaced for a different sized ring after she had beat cancer and regained the weight she lost. When Kay's replaced the ring, the center stone was a fake rather than a real diamond. A ring that KPRC-TV reported that Long had spent $6,500 on. 

The Longs did not have the money to get a replacement stone. According to the report, Kay Jewelers eventually settled with the Longs, and she had her stone properly replaced. 

But Long was not the only Kay Jewelers customer who had difficulty with the retailer. 

KPRC received the following statement from Kay Jewelers: 

"Delivering an exceptional customer experience is our number one priority and we regret any instance where a customer is less than completely satisfied. To help ensure that we deliver that exceptional experience, we maintain rigorous product and service quality procedures that are consistently monitored and refreshed. Greater than 99% of our service and repair transactions are completed without inquiry to our customer service centers each year. Nevertheless, we take every customer concern seriously and work hard to ensure that when issues do arise, we do everything we can to make things right. That is what we have sought to do with these customers.  We are humbled by the trust our customers have placed in us for more than one hundred years and work hard every day to continue to be worthy of that trust."