Judge's ruling ends presidential recount in Michigan

Posted at 7:55 PM, Dec 07, 2016

(WXYZ) - A federal judge in Detroit has dissolved the temporary restraining order that launched the Michigan Presidential election recount.

This follows a move by the Michigan Board of Canvassers, which voted 3-1 to halt the recount, if the restraining order was lifted.

This means the recount must now stop.

Representatives for Jill Stein have released the following statement, saying they are appealing to the Michigan Supreme Court:

We are deeply disappointed in Judge Goldsmith's ruling today, which gives deference to partisan state judges in Michigan who are attempting to block the state's recount simply because of the person who made the request, without regard for the integrity of Michigan's electoral system. The history of this country is one where federal courts step in to protect the constitutional voting rights of all Americans, especially when they are under attack in the states. Well today, they are under brutal attack. Backed by Michigan Republicans, Donald Trump -- who himself has repeatedly alleged widespread voter fraud and a "rigged election" -- suddenly sees no need for a routine verification of the democratic process in Michigan. His efforts to suppress the vote count is a stunning about-face, even by Trump's own standards.

Recounts are not about politics or parties; they are about our democracy. They are, as Judge Goldsmith said himself Monday, a way to ensure the 'fundamental right to vote, and to have that vote conducted fairly and counted accurately, which is the bedrock of our nation.'" By stopping the recount in Michigan, Trump and Michigan Republicans are explicitly stripping the constitutional rights of Michigan voters straight from under them. Worse, they are continuing to undermine confidence in the American political system by denying voters a chance to be reassured that the election results were accurate.

But make no mistake, we are not backing down from this fight -- a fight to protect the hard-fought, hard-won civil and voting rights of all Americans. Our campaign will seek immediate relief in Michigan's Supreme Court to ensure the recount that is already underway in all Michigan counties continues. With so many irregularities in Michigan -- including more than 75,000 under-votes, many in urban areas, and widespread carelessness, and perhaps interference, with preserving ballots -- there is a real possibility the rights of voters in Michigan may have been suppressed during this election. We need this recount to ensure the fairness, accuracy and integrity of the vote.

The are also moving to disqualify Chief Justice Robert Young Jr. and Justice Joan Larsen, because they have been mentioned as possible Supreme Court picks by President Elect Donald Trump.