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High school football team helps a neighbor in need

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Posted at 10:04 PM, May 09, 2022

RED OAK, Iowa (KMTV) — Not many teens would choose to spend their morning doing yardwork, but a group of high school football players jumped at the opportunity to help a fan in need.

On a Saturday morning, instead of sleeping in, the Red Oak Tigers got to work on a home in Red Oak, Iowa.

The team cleared brush and leaves, as well as spruced up Dennis Jones' yard.

“I've been worried about my yard and all that stuff since spring started up and I usually have this yard pretty well taken care of,” said Jones.

Jones, who lives with his wife, takes pride in keeping his lawn in order. Recent events have made it difficult for him to continue.

“We've been dealing with a lot of health issues with my wife since February and she's not quite over it all yet right now so I was trying to figure out when am I going to have time to do all this,” said Jones.

Jones' daughters worked with the team's coach to organize a surprise team clean-up for the Jones'.

“I'm just totally shocked and totally appreciative of this,” said Jones.

Coach Michael Nordeen said community service is a priority for his team.

“Since March 24, we've had 250 hours of community service that our football team has provided,” said Nordeen. “We're trying to build championship people and brighten our future for Red Oak.”

The team takes pride in giving back to their community, especially when they come across a huge fan.

“[The Jones'] came out to help us and supported us throughout the year, so it feels kinda good to come out and help them,” said football player Logan Conn.

Nordeen also said the Jones family has deep roots in the Red Oak football community.

Dennis' daughter, Brandi, was the first female football player at the high school.

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