Here's one thing science says you should never write in a text message

Periods. Who knew they're so insincere?
Here's one thing science says you should never write in a text message
Posted at 9:50 AM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 09:50:47-05

We always thought using a period to end a sentence was just good grammar, but a British study claims using them in text messages makes people appear abrupt and insincere.

Grammar nazis are all heaving a collective groan at this research from Bingingham University published in the journal Computer in Human Behavior.

Researchers found all sorts of responses -- whether affirmative, negative or ambiguous -- were perceived as less sincere when followed by a period. 

"We concluded that although periods no doubt can serve a grammatical function in texts just as they can with more formal writing -- for example, when a period is at the end of a sentence -- periods can also serve as 'textisms', changing the meaning of the text," said Celia Klin, Binghamton University professor of psychology.

Since texting strips out body language, tone and other cues of interpersonal communication, the research investigated other methods that critical nonverbal aspects of communication can be expressed. Apparently, the human mind interprets periods as one of those methods.

Our prayers go out to all the long-suffering English teachers out there.