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Google Docs change includes writing assist feature to make writing more inclusive

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Posted at 2:23 PM, May 19, 2021

Google announced changes to their Google Workspace products this week, including a feature that will prompt users to use more inclusive terms in their writing.

The change is part of Smart Canvas, a collaboration tool that brings Docs, Sheets and Slides together, according to Google.

The announcement came Tuesday duringGoogle I/O, a company conference that looks at new and upcoming features from the company.

Javier Soltero, Google’s General Manager and Vice President of Google Workspace, explained howthe “language suggestions” would work in a situation involving a team working on a shared document.

“As they continue to brainstorm, the assisted writing feature suggests that they change the term ‘chairman’ to ‘chairperson’ in the document to avoid a gendered term,” Soltero explained.

“New assisted writing capabilities in Google Workspace offers suggestions so you can communicate more effectively,” he added.

Other changes in the Google Workspace include incorporating Google Meet into Docs and Slides, so people can easily share documents they are working on during video calls, according to the company.

The changes are expected to rollout later this year.

Earlier this year, Google rolled out an updated developer documentation style guide to ensure the language is more "inclusive." In it, users are encouraged to avoid ableist language, avoid unnecessarily violent or harsh language, and examples to be more culturally diverse.