Giant N.Y. Walmart fight leads to 4 arrests

Giant N.Y. Walmart fight leads to 4 arrests
Posted at 7:20 PM, Jul 06, 2016

Tensions flared Sunday night in a Gates, N.Y. Walmart as up to 30 people were involved in a giant brawl that led to four people being arrested, according to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. 

Police told the paper that the fight began around 7:30 Sunday night after two 17-year-olds harassed a 24-year-old on the 24-year-old's dress. Within moments, the brawl escalated as customers reached for the shelves for items to use in the brawl. 

Gates Police Chief Jim VanBrederode told the paper that customers went to the sporting goods section to pick up baseball bats to use in the fight. He added that police were able to recover the baseball bats before they were used as weapons.

Democrat and Chronicle reported that a 17-year-old, Nykia Brooks, used a can of food to throw at a 52-year-old, causing him to be wounded. 

Of the four arrested, Brooks faced the most serious charges. She is facing felony assault charges, along with lesser charges of harassment and disorderly conduct. She will face a judge on July 14. The others will face  disorderly conduct charges.