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Here's how you can have a 'treat yourself' day for free on your birthday

Posted at 4:20 PM, Jan 12, 2018

No one should ever have to pay for anything on their birthday. And even if you're not hosting a party with friends on your birthday, there's a way to enjoy being pampered all day — without paying a dime. 

Dozens of restaurants will provide you with free items on your birthday — Starbucks offers a free coffee, Denny’s will serve a free grand slam and Jersey Mike's Subs will make you a free sandwich. For dinner, IHOP will offer you a free meal, and for dessert, Baskin Robins will scoop out a free ice cream.

As for a free gift, Ulta will wrap one up for you.

There's only one catch — you'll have to do a little work ahead of your birthday. To get free food and gifts, you will need to spend a few minutes signing up for the rewards programs. You can do that by visiting the restaurants and stores, or going to their website.