Fiery plane crash at busy intersection caught on dashcam video

Posted at 8:39 AM, May 03, 2017

A driver in Washington state videotaped the scary scene of a plane clipping a power line before crashing across a busy intersection. 

The plane lands as a burst of flames emerges in the video. Despite the fire, no one was seriously injured, according to Seattle-based KOMO. Two passengers were on board the small plane that crashed in Mukilteo, Washington. 

Several cars were damaged in the crash, according to KOMO. Dashcam footage of the crash was taken by Guanting Li. 



Amanda Hayes was one of several witnesses who spoke with KOMO. She said the plane's wing scraped her car. 

"I'm so lucky," Hayes told KOMO. "I just said, 'Get down!' And before I know it, I could feel the heat on my face... and like the fireball and the wing clipped at the end.

"When it was over, I wasn't sure if we were OK, if our van was OK. I don't know, that's probably the closest I've come to really thinking, 'Oh this is the end.'" 

The plane took off from a nearby location, Everett's Paine Field, according to Seattle-based Q13FOX, before the plane lost engine power. The pilot told investigators he could not return because he was losing too much altitude, so he attempted to land on a clear road.