Ferguson rebuilt but residents still healing

Posted at 3:23 PM, Mar 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-18 15:23:23-04

FERGUSON, Mo. -  While the NCAA basketball tournament has brought the nation's attention to St. Louis, this community  just 20 miles from downtown is still reeling from the national spotlight.

The images from  two weeks of violence in 2014 - when demonstrators clashed with police over the death of Michael Brown - are still fresh in residents' minds.

“We got to keep moving, you know? People need to come together,” says John Killoran, a Ferguson resident.

The Little Caesars and the Walgreens have been rebuilt, but across the street at a nearby park, residents still are not sure how much the town has really fixed.

“The one thing we can do is sit and watch, that’s all," said Johnnie Lee Lucas, "and hope that things can get a little better."

"Is there a better relationship with police here?" WCPO asked.

“I doubt that very seriously,” Lucas said.

"You think there's been some healing?" we asked another resident.

"I don’t know," John Killoran said. "I never have seen a lot of conflict here to start with, just that one summer.”

Residents admit they are not sure how far the town has come. But they all agree Ferguson still needs time to heal.

“I think the community really needs healing," Dina Phan said. "And pay attention to what the people need. I think it will still get there.”