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FBI warns hackers are trying to reroute your direct deposit paycheck

Posted at 6:13 AM, Sep 24, 2018

There’s a scam alert you need to know about before you check your inbox.

The FBI wants to warn you against cyber criminals posing as a human resources employee. 

The criminals are trying to steal your paycheck, and they’re doing it by pretending to verify employee information. 

The scam comes in the form of an email from HR asking you to update your direct deposit information.

There's also a fake link that takes you to a similar work portal website. When you log in with your username and password, scammers gain access to your personal information.

The cyber criminals will then log into your company’s real website and set up the direct deposits to new accounts usually prepaid cards. 

The FBI says if you receive an email from your HR department, do not reply or click on any links. 

Instead, call your HR Department and make sure the email is real. If it is fake, report it to the the FBI or local authorities.