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Farmers’ Almanac: Cold, snowy winter expected for much of the US

Farmers’ Almanac: Cold, snowy winter expected for much of the US
Posted at 5:26 PM, Aug 24, 2020

The Farmers’ Almanac has released its wintertime forecast for 2020-21 on Monday, and said it is expecting a cold, snowy winter for much of the United States.

Where it is normally cold enough to snow in the US, the Farmers’ Almanac predicts above average snowfall in most areas.

From the Mississippi River to the east, the US is expected to see below normal temperatures. The northern Plains and Rockies will also see colder than average temperatures according to the almanac.

The Pacific Northwest could see some of the most pleasant weather of the winter in the US, with mild and dry conditions expected there. The southwest is expected to see normal temperatures.

Snow lovers, before you get too excited by the forecast, know that long-term forecasts have a tendency to be off.

Last year, the Farmers’ Almanac predicted a “Polar Coaster Winter” for much of the US. Those predictions did not come to light, especially in the Midwest, which had a well above average winter.

Still, the Farmers’ Almanac stands by its projections.

"Preparing people for the unexpected is more important than ever," states editor Peter Geiger, Philom. "Our job as editors of the Farmers' Almanac is to pass down valuable tips and advice to help our readers thrive, no matter the obstacles."

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