Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson on ISIS: 'You've got to take it out'

Midday with Charlie Sykes
Posted at 2:43 PM, Jul 19, 2016

Republican speakers are set to talk Tuesday at their convention in Cleveland on the subject "Make America Work Again."

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, however, says that in his speech during the convention, he plans to talk a lot about the threat of ISIS on what he believes is not only the safety of the country, but on its economy.

"The mission statement of my committee is to enhance the economic and national security of Americans. You cannot have a strong economy if you are not secure," he told 620 WTMJ's "Midday with Charlie Sykes" while in Cleveland.

"The disruption of Islamic terror has been tremendously bad for the world economy. Look at the TSA. That has cost us almost $100 billion to fund the TSA because of Islamic terror. My primary message is that we have got to be serious about actually accomplishing the goal that President Obama laid out for this country as it relates to ISIS 22 months ago, which is defeat ISIS. We're not doing that."

He said that he favors what the president is doing in battling ISIS, but it's not enough.

"The analogy of a beehive in the backyard: you've got to take it out...what President Obama is doing is poking it with a stick. He's doing some damage, but he's stirring up the hive. They're spreading and stirring up additional hives," he said.

"CIA Director John Brennan said 'All of our efforts have not reduced ISIS' terrorist capability and global reach. They remain a formidable and cohesive enemy.' "

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