Deceased 1-month-old Ohio infant had cocaine and methadone in system, coroner said

Posted at 9:24 PM, Jul 20, 2017

An infant had cocaine and methadone in her system at the time of her April 27 death, becoming the youngest victim of a drug epidemic in Ohio's capital of Columbus, the Franklin County Coroner told WBNS-TV

Loucia Kinsell died just 26 days after she was born. 

According to WBNS, Kinsell's mother has been battling heroin addiction for nearly a year. Part of that treatment includes taking methadone. 

“She followed through, she went to her meetings, she went to her appointments, she did it all,” Brittany Ward, Loucia aunt, told WBNS. 

While it is unknown how the baby got the drugs into her system, according to Ward, the mother breastfed Loucia.

According to the coroner's report to WBNS, Kinsell was in bed with her parents, and when the parents woke up, they found her unresponsive. Ward said that the mother had just breastfed Loucia hours earlier. 

No word on if anyone will be criminally charged in connection to Loucia's death.