DC Daily: President Trump backing down from border wall demand?

DC Daily: President Trump backing down from border wall demand?
Posted at 10:34 AM, Apr 25, 2017

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Trump backing down from wall demand?
-- President Trump has seemingly taken a step back from his demand for funding of his proposed border wall.

With the deadline for a spending bill fast approaching, Trump may reportedly be OK with "border security" funding, but not a full-on financial commitment to the wall.

Trump once again expressed his feelings on the wall on Twitter Tuesday morning, saying: "Don't let the fake media tell you that I have changed my position on the WALL. It will get built and help stop drugs, human trafficking etc."

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Ivanka Trump stands up for father at Berlin event
-- Ivanka Trump, in her first international event as a member of her father's administration, defended her father as she told those in attendance about his commitment to women's issues.

The president's daughter was in Germany to take part in a women's empowerment and entrepreneurship panel.

Trump said, "I've certainly heard the criticism from the media and that's been perpetuated, but I know from personal experience, and I think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are a testament to his belief and solid conviction in the potential of women and their ability to do the job as well as any man."

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North Korea marks special occasion with weapons drill
-- North Korea's military staged a "large-scale artillery drill" in the country's east Tuesday to mark the founding of the country's army.

A statement from the South Korean military said the live-fire exercises were underway in the Wonsan region on Tuesday afternoon, but gave no details on what kinds of weapons and military units took part in the drill.

North Korea's drills coincided with military exercises held by US and South Korean navies in the Yellow Sea, off the western coast of the Korean Peninsula.

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No Trump mention in Obama's first post-presidency public appearance
-- Barack Obama made his first public appearance as a former U.S. president at an event at the University of Chicago Monday, but he did not discuss his successor during the forum.

At the event, Obama spoke to those in attendance about his plan to help young people enter into roles of leadership.

Ever aware of today's youth, Obama warned the young people in the audience: "If you had pictures of everything I'd done in high school, I probably wouldn't have been President of the United States. I would advise all of you to be a little more circumspect about your selfies and what you take pictures of."

Obama stated that he currently does not have interest in becoming a spokesperson for the Democratic Party.

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