Pfizer holding clinical trial for COVID-19 vaccine in Michigan

Posted at 3:10 PM, May 05, 2020

Initial manufacturing for Pfizer's clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine will take place in Michigan , Governor Gretchen Whitmer said.

The first participants, who were in Kalamazoo, have been dosed in the trial.

"This is great news for our families, our neighbors, and those serving on the front lines during this crisis," said Gov. Whitmer. "COVID-19 has shown how vulnerable our country is when it comes to supply chain, and much of the lifesaving materials we need are manufactured out of the country. That's why we are so proud that one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in the world is the Pfizer site right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In fact, Michigan has a strong history of vaccine development with the polio and anthrax vaccines. Pfizer is a great partner, and the State of Michigan and our strong manufacturing roots stand ready to serve."

The company's clinical trial supply will be made at sites in Andover, Massachusetts, and Chesterfield, Missouri.

The trial is part of a global development program.

The first stage of the study is taking place at four sites across the U.S. – NYU School of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine; University of Rochester School of Medicine; and Cincinnati Children's Hospital, with plans to scale up the number of sites across the country rapidly.

WXYZ first reported this story.