College police hilariously remind fire alarm-setting students how to make Pop-Tarts, popcorn

Posted at 2:16 PM, Sep 17, 2019

A new school year means tons of students are embarking on their first solo living experiences in college dorms around the country. But with that new responsibility comes great power — usually about 1100 watts of it.

The Ball State University Police Department posted a hilarious reminder on their Facebook page telling students that the microwaves in their dorms do more than just warm snacks and reheat day-old coffee. They can also set off the fire alarms in the dorms.

"Every year starts with multiple fire alarms in Ball State Housing," Ball State Unviersity police posted on social media. "Most if not all of these fire alarms are preventable."

They offered tips on how to heat up many college student staples, including Pop-Tarts, brownies, Kraft macaroni and cheese, oatmeal and popcorn.

Pop-Tarts "must be removed from their aluminum foil prior to placing in the microwave," they wrote. "Microwave for 3 SECONDS not 3 minutes."

They also gently reminded their Muncie, Indiana, students that brownies, mac and cheese and oatmeal usually need some kind of liquid added to them, whether it's milk or water.

And, of course, they cited popcorn as the worst offender of setting off fire alarms unnecessarily.

Students should "stay with your food," they said. "When you no longer hear the popping sound, stop the microwave. Overcooking causes scorching which causes fire alarms."

Heed this warning, college kids. There's nothing more inconvenient than scorched food and an entire dorm of sleepy students glaring at you and your smoking popcorn.