Charles Manson died Sunday, so social media is now mourning Marilyn Manson. Oops

Posted at 1:00 PM, Nov 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-20 13:01:10-05

When news broke early Monday about the death of Cincinnati-born cult leader and murderer Charles Manson, people were quick to react on social media. 

"He taught me it was OK to be weird," wrote Christian on Twitter. "Isn't Charles Manson the guy who sang that song 'The Beautiful People'?" 

Nope. Wrong Manson. But poor Christian wasn't the only one who got confused.

Then, of course, somebody had to bash millennials for not knowing their history because what's a day if we don't pin all the world's problems on that lazy, aimless demographic at least once.

Somebody's mom also got the two Mansons mixed up, so perhaps it's not just a millennial issue, Mr. LeGate...

So, no. Somewhat controversial musician Marilyn Manson is not dead. He's alive and well and only 48 years old. However, the confusion is understandable. Marilyn Manson combined Charles Manson's name with Marilyn Monroe's to create his alter ego and stage name.

"The balance between good and evil and the choices we make between them are probably the single most important aspects shaping our personalities and humanity," Marilyn Manson wrote in his autobiography The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell. "Marilyn Monroe had a dark side just as Charles Manson has a good, intelligent side."

Brian Warner, as he was known upon his birth in Canton, Ohio, hasn't commented on Charles Manson's death, but he did tweet his picture early Monday alongside his cover of a song written by Charles Manson.