Celeb Amy Schumer slams Tampa, owner of local bookstore jokes back posting sign going viral

Posted at 5:40 PM, Aug 22, 2016

Stefani Beddingfield's shop, Inkwood Books in Tampa, is buzzing. There is lots of chatter over the sign in the front of her store reacting to Amy Schumer's new book, "The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo."

Schumer not only calls Tampa horrendous but questions if anyone there really reads.

Beddingfield posted a signing that said:

Dear Ms. Schumer,
Give us another chance,  Love the 3 people who read.

"I was here on Friday night and I never read in the store. But, I decided to read her book and then I got to page six and I was like that is hilarious because I am in Tampa and I am reading this book! You know?" said Beddingfield.

Her sign and a Facebook post already had one customer coming in and buying one of her four copies of the book. It certainly has all her customers talking.

"As someone who is a native to Tampa it did sting a little bit. But again I think it was meant to be a joke," said Anthony Finnay.

Karla Crampton said, "I thought you know that is not funny!  You don't trash somebody's home town!"

Schumer did have one nice thing to say. The celebrity mentioned a memorable night here with a man she met on an airplane.

"I think Tampa has become the punch line for a lot of comedians," said resident Tom Hanlon.

Even Mayor Bob Buckhorn is weighing in

"I would beg to differ. Certainly she is entitled to her opinion as misinformed as it may be. But, I am certain if she got to know us as we know each other she's probably would want to move here," laughed the mayor.

Tampa will get that second chance. The 35 year old is performing at Amalie Arena in October.

And, she may make a pit stop at Inkwood Books!

Beddinfield  tweeted a message to the celeb asking her to come to her store. To her surprise Schumer tweeted back, tweeting "Maybe I will if timing works."

"Yeah I mean awesome," said Beddingfield.

If she does Beddingfield will make it worthwhile. She will plan on donating some of the proceeds of any potential book signing to a gun control group an issue both women are passionate about.

"Honestly reading the book I was wow! We have a lot in common I would like her," said Beddingfield.