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Maryland school board to discuss banning Confederate flag from clothes, backpacks and accessories

Posted at 7:04 AM, Feb 14, 2018

A Baltimore-area school district may find out Wednesday night if they can legally ban students from wearing a Confederate flag.

The Carroll County Board of Education plans to meet to discuss a proposal to ban the flag from clothes, backpacks and any accessories at school. 

In January, parents and students plead for the board to change the dress code, saying that seeing the Confederate flag causes deep pain to minority students.

In the Carroll County Public Schools handbook it explicitly states clothing shall not convey symbols or messages generally accepted to promote hate intolerance racial slurs or sexual harassment. 

The board meets at 5 p.m. and will find out from their legal counsel if they have to wait for a problem to occur, or if they can ban the symbol in and on school grounds under that provision. 

If the school district bans the flag, it will be one of the few school systems in the country.