California Highway Patrol finds Jeep buried under 20 feet of snow

Vehicle had likely been there for months
Posted at 10:11 AM, Mar 14, 2017

California Highway Patrol officers made a surprising discovery in the Donner Pass last week.

Officers found a Jeep Cherokee buried under about 20 feet of snow near the town of Truckee in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. A snow-removal vehicle was being used to clear the roads when it slammed into the abandoned Jeep.

A stunning photo posted by the California Highway Patrol's Truckee division shows the vehicle's back end exposed amid a wall of snow.

A spokesperson with the CHP told the auto blog Jalopnik that the vehicle had "probably been there most of the winter," based on the amount of snow piled on top of it.

CHP officials told Jalopnik there is no rush to move the buried vehicle since it isn't blocking a road.

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