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Buffalo Bills fulfill man's last wish

Two Bills players FaceTimed a terminally ill man
Posted at 8:32 PM, Dec 19, 2019

Spades, dominoes, family and the Buffalo Bills. That's been the game plan every Sunday at Wilbert Covington's house. But this season has been different. Covington became sick in June. Just last week he found out that cancer has spread from his lungs through his entire body. He's asked his family for one final wish: to congratulate the Bills on their season.

"He called us over because he said he reached his gates, and he wanted us to come over, so we came over," said Tiecha Hill, Covington's granddaughter, "He had his phone and was trying to open it but he couldn't. My aunt took the phone and she opened it and said 'Who are you trying to call?' and he said, 'the Bills.'"

His granddaughter took to Facebook, sharing that story. She hoped it would help his dream come true. That's when Bills players Eddie Yarbough and Dion Dawkins stepped up with a FaceTime call on Thursday.

"Once we heard that message about Wilbert we just said heck yeah. If he just wants to talk to us, absolutely. Lets do that immediately," said Dawkins.

"For Wilbert to reach out to us, and ask us for a moment of our time, that's nothing for family," Yarbrough said.

They both agreed - their gesture is exactly what you do for family.

"The thing about Buffalonians is it's all for one, one for all. So when one of us is hurt, we're all hurt. When one of us has success, we all have success. So with Wilbert, he's hurting. So we're all hurting for him," said Yarbrough.

"I'm really grateful he got to talk to them. One thing I can always say when he passes is that I was there. I did his wish," said Hill.

This article was written by Olivia Proia for WKBW .