Australian boy skips school, joins Bruce Springsteen on stage

Posted at 5:54 PM, Feb 21, 2017

Nathan Testa, 14, came to a Bruce Springsteen concert last week in Brisbane, Australia armed with a sign and a guitar pick. The sign helped get Testa on stage with Springsteen, while the guitar pick helped Testa play a song with "The Boss."

Testa held a sign during Springsteen's concert alerting the rocker that he was skipping school and would like to play "Growin' Up" with Springsteen. After Springsteen confirmed with Testa that he could play the song on the guitar, the two jammed on stage to the delight of the crowd. 

A concert attendee captured the moment, and posted it on YouTube. 

During the middle of the song, Springsteen asked the band to stop for a moment as Testa played solo. As Testa continued to play, Springsteen shared a story about when he began playing the guitar. Springsteen said he was roughly the same age as Testa when he began playing the guitar. 

"I brought it home and I realized it wasn't about how well you played it, it was about how good you looked doing it," he said. Springsteen then began giving different poses with the guitar as the song started back up again.

Testa's father Wade told ABC News Australia that many of the boy's classmates do not know who Springsteen is, but that the teachers were impressed. 

"A lot of the boys, the young generation these days, they don't know who Bruce is, but the teachers do," Wade Testa told ABC Brisbane. "He's received a lot of emails and the teachers are going crazy over it."