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Boeing airplanes may have faulty parts causing wing problems, FAA says

Posted at 2:50 PM, Jun 03, 2019

The Federal Aviation Administration is warning airlines to check their Boeing airplanes for an issue that could be a problem with the wings.

The FAA says faulty parts are at risk of cracking and premature failure. Airlines will have 10 days to remove or replace the parts.

The issue is not enough to cause a plane to crash, the FAA says, but it could lead to in-flight damage.

“ This is something where you could have an issue and basically when the plane lands mechanics would have to work on it, the plane would come out of service, maybe you'd have cancellations, some delays but not something that could bring down an aircraft,” said Seth Kaplan, aviation analyst.

More than 300 Boeing airplanes are impacted — 65 of those are in the United States. Among the planes affected, the 737 Max planes currently grounded are included.

The latest issue is adding to scrutiny surrounding the 737 Max airplane.

“Because of everything Boeing has gone through, because 346 having died aboard 737 in recent months … this is gonna generate a lot more attention,” Kaplan said.

Bowing is still working on getting federal approval for a software update to fix the issues that investigators say played a role in the two crashes.