Blogger eats at gas stations for a month to see if we can find healthy food everywhere

A decade ago, the documentary "Super Size Me" featured a man who gained 24 pounds and host of health problems after eating solely McDonald’s food for a month. Analyst Frank Beard set out last year to prove eating out is not all bad by exclusively eating gas station food for 30 days, and he says he had totally different results.

He lost six pounds through the experiment.

"There’s a perception that (convenience) stores are particularly unhealthy. Roller dogs, big gulps, Slurpees and aisles of candy and chips — you know what I mean,” Beard told the National Association of Convenience Stores Magazine. "But if I could immerse myself in that environment and remain healthy, then perhaps I’d have something powerful to contribute to the discussion.”

As Beard traveled across nine states and visited more than 200 stores during that month, he said he found fruit, vegetables, healthy made-to-order menus and “significant, serious efforts on the part of stores to put healthful options in front of customers.”

"What we eat is more important than where we get it, and a person can be completely unhealthy even while shopping at upscale grocery stores and health-markets — if they buy the wrong things,” Beard concluded on his website.

Check Beard’s website here for more details from his experiment.

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