Accused face-biting killer told deputies 'shoot me,' spit flesh out of his mouth

Posted at 11:06 PM, Oct 31, 2016

It has been more than two months since Michelle Mishcon and John Stevens were attacked and killed in their Martin County, Florida garage.

Still, their accused killer, Austin Harrouff, has not said a word to detectives about what happened that night.

On Aug. 15, 2016, police were called to a home where Harrouff was allegedly biting and removing pieces of one victim’s face with his teeth, officials said. A deputy tried to remove the suspect using a stun gun, but it had no effect.

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To date, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says the only law enforcement officers who have had a conversation with Harrouff are the ones who escorted him to the hospital after he suffered his own injuries.

Court documents from an application for a search warrant detail the brief exchange between Harrouff and deputies when they arrived at the crime scene.

Snyder says Harrouff told deputies they would not find any drugs in his system.

Records show he also yelled “[expletive] kill me, [expletive] kill me. Shoot me now, I deserve to die."

Those deputies also saw him spit out what appeared to be human flesh, which was taken into evidence. They say he had human hair in his mouth.

Deputies heard him say, "Help me, I ate something bad.”

A sergeant asked Harrouff what he ate. Harrouff allegedly responded “humans."

“Anything he said then could and will be used in court when we finally go to trial,” said Snyder. “What he said to the deputies the night of the two homicides is all he has said to us, on the record or off the record.”

Harrouff has been in jail since early October when he was arrested in the hospital.

Even then, Snyder said investigators tried to get some kind of a statement.

He would not speak, but instead, he wrote a message on paper.

“At some point toward the end when we finally arrested him and took him out of there, he did write down on a sheet of paper, ‘I want my attorney, I don’t want to talk to you.'"

Harrouff has completed an interview with Dr. Phil, but that interview has not aired.

Snyder does not believe any major information will come from that interview.

Anything Harrouff tells Dr. Phil can be used against him in court.