Amazon mistakenly mails customers 65 pounds of marijuana

Posted at 1:15 PM, Oct 23, 2017

Amazon customers in Orlando, Florida, were surprised to find 65 pounds of marijuana inside of four storage totes they had ordered.

The 27-gallon totes should have been empty, the couple who ordered them told police. Instead, they contained 65 pounds of marijuana, and the entire package weighed more than 90 pounds.

They immediately called the police once the shipment was opened, WFTV in Orlando reported. Police seized the drugs and launched an investigation.

WFTV in Orlando reports the package came from an Amazon facility in Massachusetts, and was delivered by UPS.

The couple told Orlando reporters they feared someone would burglarize their home over it, so they didn't sleep there for a few days.

Amazon gave the customers a $150 gift card for their inconvenience but said they were "unable to do anything else at this time."