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Alabama student expelled after racist rant on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jan 18, 2018

On Monday, a white University of Alabama student unloaded two separate racial epithet-laden tirades on her Instagram account and warned followers not to report her to her sorority.

They reported her to her sorority.

Harley Barber, 19, was ejected from the Greek community and expelled from the university when administrators watched the two videos, which were posted on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and contained a total of 15 N-words in their combined one-minute 18-second runtime. (That's an N-word about every five seconds.)

In the first video, Barber shuts off the water in a bar bathroom and launches into her first drunken non sequitur.

"We don't waste water because of people in Syria," she explains before veering into the meat of the video. "I love how I act like black people when really I (expletive) hate (N-word)."

In the second, Barber attempts to confront followers who might "snake" her to Alpha Phi and repeats the slur several times while fellow sorority members giggle off-camera. One can be heard imploring her not to post the video.

In a statement after Barber's expulsion, University of Alabama president Stuart Bell wrote:

"Like many of you, I find the videos highly offensive and deeply hurtful, not only to our students and our entire University community, but to everyone who viewed them. The actions of this student do not represent the larger student body or the values of our University, and she is no longer enrolled here.

We hold our students to much higher standards, and we apologize to everyone who has seen the videos and been hurt by this hateful, ignorant and offensive behavior. This is not who we are; it is unacceptable and unwelcome here at UA."

University of Alabama students and alumni chimed in on Twitter, including running back Damien Harris and New York Giants linebacker Landon Collins.