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'A cry for help': New CDC data shows many teens have been emotionally abused by parents

Posted at 12:51 PM, Apr 01, 2022

New data from public health experts paints a picture of how teens’ mental health suffered during the pandemic.

According to a CDC survey, more than 55% of high school students said they suffered emotional abuse from a parent, guardian or other adult in their house in 2021.

Emotional abuse was defined as being sworn at, insulted or put down.

More than 11% said they suffered physical abuse.

Students who identified as lesbian, gay or bisexual were more likely to report physical abuse and they were more likely to have attempted suicide.

Data gathered before the pandemic showed that reports of emotional abuse were much lower.

In 2013, nearly 14% of students said they were emotionally abused by their parents.

5.5% reported physical abuse that same year.

In a statement, CDC Acting Principal Deputy Director Debra Houry said the new data “echo a cry for help.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created traumatic stressors that have the potential to further erode students’ mental wellbeing,” she said.