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35 sets of twins are in 2022 graduating class at one Texas high school

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Posted at 9:04 AM, May 02, 2022

MANSFIELD, Texas — One high school in Texas is bidding farewell to 35 sets of twins.

They are all graduating from Mansfield high school this year.

"It can be confusing for people definitely, I've gotten pretty used to being called by her name but it's been fun definitely to have someone there all the time, never be lonely,” said Avery Slimak, a twin who is graduating in 2022.

Some twins are sticking together after graduation and heading off to the same university.

"We're pretty much best friends, we do everything together and we get along really well so excited to stay together,” said Slimak.

Other twins have decided to go their separate ways after high school.

"It will definitely be a change because we're not going to be together like we've always been but we can always still call each other, text each other and that we're still there for each other,” said Anthony Morka.

Mansfield High School has 2,600 students in its student body.

According to statistics, there should only be about 10 or 11 pairs of twins in a student body this size.