3 gadgets that will put the thrill back in your grill

Posted at 4:17 PM, Jun 08, 2017

Summer is synonymous with pool parties and backyard barbecues. If you're in the market for a new grill Jared Cotter found three affordable ones that look cool and seem to work great. Let's check out some grilling gadgets that will put the thrill in your grill.

1.  Velocity Grill

This is a portable barbecue that promises to heat up to 1,000 degrees in just five minutes. The secret to the power is in their specially designed reverse fan blade that allows maximum air flow with very little noise. They fan the flames to achieve high heat in a flash and since it only burns wood your food will have a delightful smoky flavor. This grills out now for around $160.

2.  Z Grills Elite 900

This is another wood burning grill that also smokes, bakes, roasts and braises, plus it'll let you sear without the burnt char. It automatically moves wood pellets into the electric burner at a consistent rate for even heating. The fire never touches the food keeping it from unwanted charring and once you set the temperature. It'll maintain it by feeding the fire with the right amount of wood pellets. It's available to preorder for around $400 and it should come out in July.

3.  Cinder Grill

This hot invention is a countertop cooker that wants to grill your grub to perfection. Cinder adjusts hundreds of times a second, to control your foods temperature, to within 1 degree. This is an extremely accurate sensor that keeps your food sizzling at the precise temperature needed for good eats. All you do is tell its app what you're cooking and your desired doneness. Now pop in your meat and kick back until cinder notifies you that it's done. It's available to preorder for around $400 and plans to ship in October.

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