3 driving apps to get you through traffic

Posted at 2:02 PM, Mar 15, 2017

Fun Fact: In Los Angeles, drivers spend 104 hours a year getting stuck in gridlock, with jams in Atlanta and San Fran traffic not too far behind. But you don't have to suffer that slow molasses madness that is getting to and from work some days. We've found three apps to help you out on the road, from getting you from Point A to Point B to making you an even better driver.

1. Waze

The Waze app is like your driving fortune teller. It alerts you to accidents and traffic on your route in real time and helps find alternative routes for you to avoid traffic jams. Plus it keeps an eye on police presence on the road around you, helping you stick to the speed limit (not that you speed, of course...).

2. Automatic

Automatic is an app-dongle combo that keeps track of your driving habits to figure out how you can be a better driver. Plug in the attachment to your car's data port and it transmits information to the app on your phone. By tracking your driving style, the app can give you audio cues to let you know when you do something that could hurt your vehicle or gas mileage, and can show you where you can improve your driving and save some cash. The app itself is free but the separate piece you need to connect to your car will run you around $80.

3. Pocket

Sometimes when you're stuck in a jam on the road, don't you feel like you could just pull out your phone to read a few articles to pass the time? Well, don't, because you shouldn't, but what if you could have your web articles read to you? Now you can with the Pocket app! The app lets you take anything you find online to read and save it so you can open the articles up later. Then, the app can read the articles you save to you while you drive, giving you the news you want and keeping your eyes on the road.

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