17 things airline workers wish you would stop doing

Posted at 8:05 AM, Sep 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-12 13:36:32-04

As discount airlines increase their offerings to new destinations from CVG (Iceland, here we come!), WCPO is on your side with tips to be more self-aware, courteous fliers. 

More than 80 airline workers, including gate agents, ticket agents, flight attendants and other customer service reps, weighed in with the biggest traveler faux pas for Business Insider.

1. Asking flight attendants, "What do you have?": "There is literally an announcement telling you where to find the menu. We have 100 drinks if you count alcohol, and you want me to list it? While 200 other people wait for their drinks?" a flight attendant said.

2. Lining up to board too early: Why are you rushing to cram yourself into a tiny space for longer than necessary when your seat is guaranteed? They will make space for your carry-on somewhere, we promise.

3. Touching flight attendants: "I have been poked, prodded, and tugged on too many times to remember," a flight attendant said.

4. Galley yoga: A minute or two is probably fine, but this video below goes beyond reasonable. "The galley is our only work area, and we have nowhere else to go because our seats are in the galley by the doors," a flight attendant said.


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5. Going barefoot: Would you walk into public restroom without shoes? Likely not. "Thank you, sir, for mopping up the pee on the floor with your socks," a flight attendant said.

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