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Ohio’s senators call for full Mueller report to be made public

Posted: 8:34 PM, Mar 24, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-24 23:13:19-04
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CINCINNATI – Ohio’s senators called for the full Mueller report to be made public but disagreed on whether the attorney general’s summary, released Sunday, answered all of their questions about the Special Counsel's investigation.

Sherrod Brown joined other Democrats in calling for the release of the full report so Congress can use it in its far-reaching investigation of possible corruption and obstruction of justice in the Trump White House and campaign.

“A summary report is not enough. It’s important that the American public have the answers they deserve about the full scope of the Mueller report and its findings,” Brown said. “The Department of Justice should turn over the full report to Congress, the Administration should preserve all of the information and underlying evidence it provided to the Special Counsel, and the report should be released to the public in full.”

Republican Rob Portman said he, too, wants the full report released, but Portman indicated that the summary provides the answers he was looking for.

“I’ve said from the start of this process that the Special Counsel should follow the facts wherever they lead and complete the investigation expeditiously without any political interference. That is what happened," Portman said.

“Today’s summary by the Attorney General says that the Special Counsel’s report confirms that Russians meddled in the 2016 election but finds no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Finally, the summary indicates that the Special Counsel reached no conclusion on obstruction of justice. The Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General have concluded that the Special Counsel’s investigation did not include sufficient evidence to warrant any obstruction of justice charges against the president.

"As I’ve said consistently, I believe the report should be made public, with important exceptions for grand jury or classified information, and I hope the Attorney General provides as much information to the public as he possibly can, as soon as he can.”