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Widow of husband who owned Cosmic Pizza works to move forward, reopen restaurant

Posted at 9:18 PM, Nov 15, 2013

CINCINNATI -- She watched a robber shoot and kill her own husband at their pizza shop in Hartwell.

On Friday, the widow of Cosmic Pizza owner Richard Evans got a lot of special attention. She had her hair styled, and had her makeup done. She said as painful as it is, she is ready to move on.

9 On Your Side's Natasha Williams found out that Ornuma Evans celebrated her birthday Friday, and the makeover was the works of her friends and neighbors.

Ornuma has to laugh a little when she explains the gift her friends treated her to.

"Everybody not tell me anything," Ornuma said, "that's why I not know what to say."

By looking at her shy smile, you can tell the new hair and makeup is something she usually wouldn't do for herself. But she definitely deserved a day that was all about her.

Ornuma was taken to a hair salon, then she had lunch out. Next, a professional makeup artist came in and volunteered her time to enhance Ornuma's natural beauty.

Ornuma is beautiful and strong. It's been five months since her husband was gunned down feet away from her at their Cosmic Pizza restaurant. She still mourns, but is ready to get back on her feet.

Her neighbors are helping her do that by being by her side as she works to reopen Cosmic Pizza - the business she and her husband ran together. It's her biggest challenge yet, but she said it's what she wants to make of the future.