Female burglars hit the wrong house this time

Posted at 8:39 PM, Sep 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-28 20:39:28-04

SPRINGBORO, Ohio – Two female burglars caught on video breaking into a Mason house in July apparently tried to strike again at a golf course estate in Springboro.

But the homeowner said he surprised them and chased them off.

By luck, the man said he was working at home that day when two women tried to kick in his front door in broad daylight. That's the same MO they used in Mason.

There were golfers on the course right behind his house, but that didn't stop them.

"The door started getting kicked in and that's when I realized I had some folks coming into my house that shouldn't be there," he told WCPO.

"They were very startled. They didn't expect anybody to be home."

The homeowner, who didn't want us to use his name, said he chased the women away and they threatened him.

"They were yelling back at me saying they were going to come back and hurt me," he said.

Car in Springboro attempted burglary.

A neighbor's surveillance camera showed two women running to a dark-colored car parked down the street and driving off.

Police believe they were the same two women shown on video in the Mason house (See the photo below). After viewing the video, the homeowner agreed.

Suspects in Mason home burglary.

 "If I'm a betting man, I would pretty much guarantee those were the two women that came to my front door," he said.

Investigators are working to see if the two cases are related. The homeowner says he wants the women caught so his neighbors won't have to worry.

The man had several reasons to think he may have been targeted.  

"If they cased my neighborhood,  I didn't have a security system at the time," he said. Also, his trees and landscaping cover the front door from the street.

He said he learned his lesson. He had an alarm system installed and he's planning on pruning the trees in front of his house.