Local Latino family receives hateful messages in mailbox

Posted at 4:10 PM, Jul 13, 2016

LEBANON, Ohio -- “Go back to Mexico.”

“Everyone hates you in this neighborhood.”

“Worthless immigrants.”

These were the messages on a vandalized magazine that Juanita De Larosa said she received in her mailbox Monday.

“It makes me mad. Who can hurt somebody that much or hate somebody that much to say all those hurtful things,” De Larosa said.

De Larosa lives in Lebanon with her husband and four children. She said her parents are legal U.S. citizens, and they moved here before she was born.

She said she is trying to provide a positive life for her children the way her parents did for her.

"Me and my husband are supporting my daughters... our kids together by both having jobs,” De Larosa said. “We don't have to get the state's help. I mean we don't. We don't get help from anybody."

The magazine was not the first hate message the family has received.

De Larosa said about a year ago the family received a box full of bloody feathers with the word “death” written on it in Spanish.

"Sometimes I'm afraid I'm going to walk outside and something's going to be on my car,” De Larosa said. “Or something dead's going to be laying there on the front door."

Despite the discrimination, she tells her children to remain optimistic. 

“Keep going, don’t let it affect them, and to stay positive,” De Larosa said.

Warren County deputies are investigating the incident, and anyone with information should call police.