Cash reward offered to identify who is sending racist messages to Latino family

Posted at 5:20 PM, Jul 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-22 19:06:42-04

LEBANON, Ohio -- A home builder is offering a cash reward in an effort to identify who is behind the hateful messages delivered to a local Latino family last week.

Juanita De Larosa received a magazine covered in racial slurs and threats in her mailbox on July 11, one example of the several times her family has been attacked with discriminatory messages, she said.

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Rick Seitz, a home builder with Artisan Estate Homes and John Candle Homes, has known the family for eight years. Jose De Larosa, Juanita’s husband, works for him as a subcontractor.

He is offering up $1,500 to anyone who can help identify who is responsible for the harassment. 

"I'd like to let them know -- ‘Hey man people care about you,’ and that this is not right and that other people don't accept it,” Seitz said.

Seitz’s generosity has given hope to Juanita De Larosa and her family.

"When you get those messages you're hurt,” she said. “You're sad. And then you find somebody like Rick and that he wants to help your family out and you feel joy. You feel happy."

Seitz said the family works hard, and he offered the reward in hopes that the hateful messages will stop.

"They're wonderful hard working people who are here legally, playing by the rules and doing the right thing,” Seitz said. “They're contributing members of society they pay their taxes for them to be terrorized like this was devastating."

Anyone with information should call the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.