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Huge rescue operation underway to save 111 dogs recovered from single home

Posted at 7:47 PM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 01:45:32-04

LEBANON, Ohio — Joanne Hurley calls them “The Lucky 111.”

The director of the Humane Association of Warren County is talking about the 111 dogs the organization rescued from a single home this week.

“Unfortunately when we got out there, they just kept coming out, just kept coming out until we reached the number 111,” Hurley said.

Most are poodles or a poodle mix. All were fed but most had fleas, matted hair, and multiple other health problems. The hoarding homeowner reached out to the Humane Society for help.

“This was a nice little house that you would’ve never suspected anything like that going on,” Hurley said.

“This person truly loved every dog in there. They knew every dog by name. They’re trying to do the right thing right now and we want to make sure that we’re to help them.”

But Hurley’s organization is almost overwhelmed with the number of dogs they’re trying to save. And it’s a process that will take weeks.

“We cannot even medically assess them until we get the mattes and the dreadlocks off these dogs,” Hurley said. “We have a few that don’t have eyes. We have one that doesn’t have front legs. These are characteristics from an in-breeding situation.”

As word has spread, people have been reaching out to help. Roger and Chris Pawsat dropped off a donation.

“We have animals ourselves at home —dogs, cats, horses - and when we heard the news on the news this morning … one hundred eleven … we knew they needed help and that’s why we’re here.”

Anyone wishing to help can make a cash donation online.

“Right now we’re busy trying to raise funds because with 111 dogs each has to get blood drawn, they have to get heart worm tested, they have to get flea treatments," Hurley said. "They’ll need meds for skin infections. We have some pregnant dogs."

Other pet organizations helping to get these dogs back to health.

“We need people more than we ever have before,” she said.

Getting them ready for adoption will take a few weeks, Hurley said.