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Former Bengal trades helmet for hardhat, trying to build a solid foundation as a homebuilder

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-17 12:08:43-04

UNION TOWNSHIP (WARREN COUNTY), Ohio -- Former Bengals and Steelers football player Andre Frazier is putting the finishing touches on home number 10 in this year’s Homearama.

“I’ve been thinking about this home for a long time," Frazier said. “I’ve been thinking about what would I showcase.”

It’s Frazier’s first year in the home show. He’s from Cincinnati, and years ago, was a player on the Bengals.

“Played with the Bengals from the 2006 season, made the team in the 2007 season,” Frazier said.

He also had a couple stints with the Steelers.

“So I got two Super Bowl rings and then I went on, 2010 was my last year,” Frazier said.

Now Frazier builds custom homes. His Homearama home, the ‘Stonewood,’ has five bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths and is 6,500 square feet. All that for $1.45 million.

“The style of the home I would say is a rustic transitional," Frazier said. "There’s a lot of rustic and natural elements throughout the home.”

The home features wooden beams and wood elements in the kitchen, lots of natural light and a finished basement with a theater, pool table and wine cellar.

Frazier said making the transition from the NFL to homebuilding really wasn’t that difficult because both are challenging.

“The ones that do want to build at this level,” Frazier said. “It’s very competitive.”

Frazier is Homearama’s first African-American builder in 55 years.

“Hopefully there’s going to be many more after me and hopefully I can get in the show several more times,” Frazier said.

Frazier says he became interested in home building because his father, Guy Frazier, was also a home builder and a Cincinnati Bengal.

Homearama starts Saturday in Union Township, located in Warren County.