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For students with special needs, prom is much more than a night out

Posted at 10:17 AM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 10:17:42-04

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio -- When Jonathan Getz asked Makenna Kash to prom, her reaction was one most young women have: “I’d love to!” 

But prom will be so much more for the couple than a night out. Kash and Getz are part of Project Warren County, a transitional program for young adults with special needs. Kash, a Middletown High School graduate, is blind, so her parents sought a program that would help her grow beyond high school. 

Events like prom help people with disabilities enhance their social skills, Director of Special Education Christy Even said. 

"Our partners came and said we really need more programming for our individuals post high school,” Even said. 

Offering prom was a part of that programming; Kash and Getz will attend the special event next week. 

Young adults in the program visit the University of Cincinnati weekly for peer exposure. Health and wellness are also points of focus, along with independent living and communicating. 

The program serves people through the age of 22. After that, some are able to secure a job and transition to independent living. 

The Warren County program has worked well for Kash, and a date to prom is a bonus.