Credit card skimmers found in local gas pumps

Posted at 5:53 PM, Dec 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-14 17:53:00-05

MASON, Ohio -- Skimming devices were found on credit card readers in gas pumps in Mason and Franklin Township Thursday, the Warren County Auditor’s Office said.

The devices were placed inside the credit card readers at Jo-Mart off US-42 in Mason and the Sunoco off Lebanon-Franklin Road in Franklin Township and were undetectable by customers.

Criminals have been placing these around the region in attempts to steal credit and debit card numbers, Warren County Auditor Matt Nolan said.

“We are urging gas station employees and customers to be extra cautious,” Nolan said. “Please contact our office and local police immediately if you see any signs of pumps being tampered with."

The auditor’s office will continue working with store owners and local police departments to provide as much protection as possible for Warren County customers.

Skimming, as it is known, has become a problem around the country. Southwest Ohio is being targeted heavily, the Journal-News reports.

While paying cash is the only sure way to protect from identity fraud, there are steps that can be taken. Customers are encouraged to use gas pumps easily in view of the attendant and to never use a debit card when purchasing gas.

These were the first skimmers found on Warren County pumps.