Dozens rally for HS principal put on leave

Posted at 6:59 PM, Nov 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-26 18:59:55-05

BLANCHESTER, Ohio -- School is a pretty unusual place to spend Thanksgiving. But with their beloved principal out on administrative leave, that's exactly where a group of Blanchester High School students knew they wanted to be.

Rick Hosler was put on paid leave after Blanchester Local Schools received a complaint about him; no one with the district would give any more specifics about that complaint, other than to say it's under investigation.

A group of about 100 parents and students rallied outside the school Wednesday; about two dozen students returned Thursday to continue their rally.

"It was important to come out, because Hosler -- if something were to happen to us -- Hosler would drop everything to come support us, so we should drop everything to come support him," freshman Jessica Jones said.

Chloe Caplinger, a Blanchester High junior, was the first to arrive Thursday morning with poster board and markers.

"In a sense, we are spending time with our family because Mr. Hosler is like family to us," Caplinger said.

Students said the secrecy around the issue has started up a rumor mill, and that the district should just tell students what the investigation is about.

"I mean, I've heard a couple different things but I don't really want to throw that out there because I don't know if that's the truth or not," junior Ricky Jones said. "I mean, you can't always believe what you hear."

Jones said she thinks "more than likely, it's nothing major."

"But I think it should be told [why he was suspended]," she said. "It should be told to the student body."

Blanchester Local Schools Superintendent Dean Lynch said he doesn't know how long the investigation will take. WCPO emailed Hosler for comment but did not hear back.