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Here's why you may not be able to see WCPO

An FAQ on why WCPO may have disappeared from your channel offerings
Posted: 5:11 PM, Sep 11, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-18 10:12:56-04
WCPO building

CINCINNATI — The Federal Communications Commission has mandated that all your local stations change broadcasting frequency by Oct. 18 in order to comply with new rules.

Because of this, we're switching some things around, including moving our broadcast tower.

For now, we are operating off of a temporary antenna lower down on the main broadcast tower, which means some of our viewers a bit further away may be struggling to get our channel for a bit. Viewers who live closer may still experience issues if your signal is not strong, or if you use an indoor antenna.

But fear not! We aren't going anywhere, and we're here to help you through this transition.

Here are the answers to many of your burning questions:

WCPO Interim Antenna FAQ

I could see you yesterday; I can’t see you today. What happened?

We are broadcasting from a temporary antenna on our tower. As a result, our broadcast range is slightly decreased. You may have seen the same thing happen to other channels in the Cincinnati market as well over the past few weeks.

Why are you doing this?

9 On Your Side is mandated by the FCC to change our broadcast frequency. We, along with nearly every other local TV station, must change their broadcasting frequency on October 18 to comply. To prepare, we’re switching equipment on our tower. When the process is complete, we expect to once again reach the same area we cover today.

Is there anything I should do?

You don’t need to do anything right now. On October 18 after 10 a.m., you’ll need to re-scan your TV. Do not re-scan today. We’ll provide more updates on air, and online as we get closer to that day.

I have cable or satellite, what should I do?

This will not affect any cable or satellite customers, only viewers who watch 9 On Your Side over the air with an antenna.

Who might be having an issue?

This only affects our over the air viewers; specifically, our outlying counties are the most impacted. Viewers closer to downtown may also experience issues if they already had a weak signal or use an indoor antenna.

Counties to the east, like Brown, Adams, and Highland counties should see the most significant impact.

I’ve heard you’re changing channels, so you won’t be channel 9?

You’ll still find us on Channel 9. What you may not know is we’ve been broadcasting on Channel 22 for about 10 years! On October 18, we will change to channel 26. Your TV “translates” our channel to be on Channel 9 and will continue to do so after the October 18 re-scan day.

I have other questions

Visit or call 1-888-CALL-FCC and press 6 for more information.