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Powerful storms damage homes, uproot trees across Greater Cincinnati

Viewers share photos of hail, storm damage
Posted at 1:44 AM, Apr 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 11:05:40-04

Viewers from around the Tri-State sent their pics of golf-ball-sized hail, uprooted trees and even structure damage after storms tore through Greater Cincinnati late on Wednesday night.

Roof damage seen at a store in Silverton, Ohio.

Damage to cars, homes and businesses was reported around the Tri-State, as seen in this photo from Silverton, Ohio.

self storage.jpg
Apparent storm damage to a storage facility near OH-222.
donte drexelius.jpg
A tree crashed onto a car on Vine Street during storms on April 8.
Tree into car fence.jpg
A tree swept onto a car and a fence in Latonia, Kentucky on April 8.

Trees were swept over and limbs cracked under the force of winds up to 80 mph in some areas.

tree on car.jpg
Another view of damage in Latonia, April 8.
Jason Girdler Brookville Indiana on Holland Road.jpg
Large limbs and debris in a yard along Holland Road in Brookville, Indiana, on April 8.

Southeast Indiana saw the storm first as it began its eastward crawl toward Cincinnati. High winds knocked over trees, as seen here in this photo from Brookville.

Power lines down.jpg
Storms knock out powerlines and traffic lights in Northern Kentucky after powerful storms on April 9, 2020.
mt orab.jpg
Large cloud formations seen in Mount Orab during storms on April 8.

Hail was seen all over the Tri-State ranging from the size of large coins to ping pong and golf balls.

Natisha Miller near Mt. Orab.jpg
Hail (with egg for scale) that fell in Mount Orab on April 8.
hail amy applegate.jpg
Hail found falling in Williamsburg, Ohio on April 8.

And of course storms brought heavy lightning that some quick-shooting viewers were able to catch on camera.

Imposing clouds and lightning in the sky above Freedom Way in Downtown Cincinnati April 8.
bill jennings lightning.jpg
Lightning captured over Union Township, Ohio on April 8.
newtown lightning.jpg
Lightning in the sky above Newtown, Ohio.

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