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Northwest schools asking residents to weigh in on school plans

District has five different building plans
Posted at 7:04 AM, Oct 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-06 07:32:29-04

COLERAIN TWP. — Northwest Local Schools is putting its school building plan in the hands of voters, with a survey.

The district has offered five plan options to the public and is asking residents to take part in a survey to choose their preferred option.

"So we want to make sure all of our educational experiences and our environments are aligned so that there's equity across the district," Northwest Superintendent Darrell Yalter said. "To make sure that all students get access to the most appropriate educational environment and the best educational experience they can get."

The district currently has two high school and three middle school buildings. Depending on which plan is selected by the district, some of the buildings may consolidate. Residents have until Monday, Oct. 11 to select a plan.


  • Plan A: Build one middle school and one high school
  • Plan B: Build two middle schools and one high schools
  • Plan C: Build two middle schools and two high schools
  • Plan D: Build three middle schools and one high school
  • Plan E: Build three middle schools and two high schools

SURVEY: Northwest Local Schools Building Plan

The building plans were devised after a series of group discussions with parents and residents. Yalter said the goal is to have an educational experience that's equal for all students.

Yalter said funding will depend on what building plan is chosen. He said there's a district bond issue that's set to expire next year and a renewal could help put money toward new buildings.