Murder. Truth. Good things. If you could choose one topic to turn into a podcast, which would it be?

Murder. Truth. Good things. If you could choose one topic to turn into a podcast, which would it be?
Posted at 5:00 AM, Apr 25, 2017
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Hey you.

I know you’re busy.

But while you’re driving or doing laundry or walking to class or trying to look busy at work, listen to these.

It’s an experiment we’re doing at WCPO. We asked the newsroom to divide into teams and create the pilot of a podcast. Any podcast. No restrictions. We narrowed it down to our favorite three, and now we need your help.

The pilot that gets the most votes will be turned into a full-blown podcast to be added to WCPO’s cache, which includes Lounge Acts, HEAR Cincinnati and Unprompted.

So. Not only do you get to spend some time listening to some really good podcast ideas, but you get to play a part in deciding which one is launched.

Listen to the podcasts and please vote on your favorite below. We will announce the winner in one week. 

Thanks for your help, and enjoy! 

Podcast 1: Good Things 

Sick of talking about only negative news?

We are, too. So take a break and listen to Good Things, a podcast about the amazing, inspiring stories happening in our area. Each week, we take on a positive theme and explore it with local voices.

Episode 1: Age is just a number -- Emily Maxwell and Max Alter talk to Cincinnatians who didn't let age hold them back from trying something nobody would expect them to accomplish. Guests include a young girl who has published multiple children's books and a group of retirement home residents who won an Internet dance challenge.

Podcast 2: Versions 

"Where were you when Kennedy was shot?"

"Where were you on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001?"

Major events resonate differently with each of us based on our life experiences. 

Versions is the podcast that explores truth versus the human perspective. In each episode, you'll relive an event through the first-hand accounts of key witnesses. We focus on the real-life storytellers and their versions of the story. We never let an outside narrator get in the way. In the end, you decide the truth.

Upcoming episodes will include the Hostage Takeover of WCPO studios 35 years ago, the shooting of Harambe the Gorilla and the heroin crisis of summer 2016.

In our pilot episode, we’ll take you along on Northern Kentucky University’s first trip to the big dance.

Podcast 3: An inside look at local high-profile crimes

Does Anthony Kirkland deserve to live?

Kirkland was sentenced to death in 2010. He killed at least five women in Cincinnati -- he was caught after he raped and murdered a 13-year-old SCPA student and burned her body to destroy evidence.

In a few weeks, he'll be back in a courtroom. The Ohio Supreme Court decided Kirkland should be re-sentenced, with the possibility of overturning his death sentence.

We've combed through the WCPO archives to find the details of Kirkland's first trial, the victims and the crimes.

Once the Kirkland trial has ended, we will continue the podcast with a close look into another high-profile crime. 

Please rank each podcast below. Choose (1) for your favorite. Choose (2) for your second favorite. And choose (3) for your least favorite. Thanks again for your help! Voting closes in one week (Tuesday, May 2). We'll announce the winner then.