Longtime Kenton County Judge Frank Trusty dies

Posted at 7:48 AM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-10 09:02:23-04

COVINGTON, Ky. -- A longtime Kenton County judge has died, the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Office said Thursday.

Frank Trusty "passed away peacefully at his Park Hills home" Thursday, the county prosecutor's office said in a Facebook post.

Trusty began his career as Kenton County Prosecutor in 1977. He stayed in that position until 1984. He then became "Kenton County's first full-time public advocate" before taking the bench as a circuit judge and district judge.

In 2012, after he retired, Trusty was sworn in again as Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney (prosecutor) and worked pro-bono for the county.

"Frank was both beloved and notorious in the community," the prosecutor's office's Facebook post said. "He was an outstanding litigator as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. As a judge, he was fair, efficient, and straight-forward. No one ever had to guess where he stood or what he meant. He did not mince words. We will miss Frank's wisdom, humor, friendship, and never-ending spirit."

Frank is survived by his wife, four sons and several grandchildren.