Cinderella's Closet gets girls ready for prom

Posted at 11:06 PM, Mar 19, 2016

LAKESIDE PARK, Ky. -  The goal is make sure everything is "fit for a princess."

Cinderella's Closet opened its doors Saturday for 400 high school juniors and seniors referred to the nonprofit by their schools.

The group helps teen girls in need look spectacular on prom night.

Volunteers called "fairy godmothers" assist the girls in selecting from hundreds of donated dresses, shoes and purses. Seamstresses make alterations.

"We want to make sure that they feel loved and cherished and special," said founder and director Erin Peterson. "We want to make sure that this is a day of encouragement. Many of the girls that we see have never had a special day to themselves, and we want to make sure this is very memorable for them."

Peterson said she got the idea while working at a consignment shop and seeing a teen who couldn't afford to buy a dress.

"I asked her if I could buy the dress. I didn't know how much it was. It turned out to be $39.95," Peterson said. "And when she walked out of the store, she looked back at me and she said, 'I can look just like Cinderella.' So after that day I thought that we could do that for some other girls."

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